Justice is the core of the International Private Relations Act ((Philosophical Philosophical Study))

  • Ayad Motashar Faculty of Law,Thi Qar University


The historical facts that appear visible in the range of laws and regulations show that man related to the idea of the absolute abstract ideals, but not to ignore the experiences of social life and the nature of things, And that the ideals are personalized and prepare to search for them to guide them and incorporated under them and quotes from the light and values, which facilitates the way, that is intended to diagnose and form the ideals. Also, the law should continue a long time to be renewed and flexible if it does not want to involve in the corners of ignoring within the limits of the texts; because the fear of instability leads to stalemate. Just as the water of the river remains cool and wonderful because it is always under the sun, the Swamp water trapped in Clay and mud loses its natural properties. It can be seen that there is a set of perceptions that are beginning to show optimism that the law is not a separate school with its own individual entity, but on the contrary, it can’t be argued separately from the social factors that lead to its growth; because the law always carries communities with the economy and society And the political system, and its content is formed by the organization of society. Thus, it should be literate as a whole without separating content from the framework, or without separating rules from social transformations. In general, the social school of law rejected the idea of separation of law or exclusion from the pension law, and considered it only one of the many means to establish discipline in society, and this school rejected that view of the law as a form of closed concepts around it, Adopting social means to improve the law and adapt it to changing social reality. The social law rejects the issuance of absolute judgments, preferring the relative provisions, and is always keen to cite the meaning of some ideal principles (e.g., social justice) and (social solidarity) and the means by which these principles can be implemented