The innovative expiration of the two governors relationship with the adminrtipn

  • Waleed Hassan Hameed Faculty of Law, Qadisiyah University
  • Ghanim Abd Dahsh Faculty of Law, Qadisiyah University


It is recognized that the relationship between the two deputy governors is not a permanent one, but a temporary one. During the period of the meeting, this relationship may lead to termination. Part of it is due to their will and the second part to the administration itself, while the third section is not for both of them. Which leads to the usual termination of the service of each of them through the end of the term of the election session of the provincial councils, or lead to the extraordinary termination of their services before the end of the term of the electoral cycle as in (resignation, dismissal, loss of one of the conditions of nomination, Serious injury, death, permanent disability, disability, etc) These reasons were distributed among three types of epileptic expiration, the first special, the second general, and the later the realistic. Perhaps the most important feature of the two deputy governors of the suspected positions that the position of a political nature and not administrative, as they are associated with public service and not employees if compared with the governor, it is noteworthy that the legal texts that dealt with the provisions governing the relationship of the two governors of the administration did not gather in one chapter, but came Is divided and divided between the various sections and chapters of the Law of Governorates that are not organized in Region No. (21) for the year 2008 amended, as well as the unified retirement law No. (9) for the year 2014 .