The competence of the UN Security Council to refer the case to the International Criminal Court and its implications

  • Wahg Khudair Abbas University of Basra /college of law


Interntional Criminal Court,ajudicial body competent to punish the most serious crimes to the international community ,it is genocide, war crimes ,crimes against humanity and the crime of aggression . As these crimes are serious violations of human rights and the international community to fight it deliberately especially genesis of the UN Organization.Wher the organization tasked with maintaining international peace and security of such crimes to the Security Council .So were several legal provisions in the Statute of the Interntional Criminal Court to ensure cooperation between all the Interntional Criminal Court and the Security Council put,it is the most  important images of this cooperation is the text on the validity of the UN Security Council to refer the case   - international crimes- to the  Interntional Criminal Court.Therefore ,this   study aimed discuss legal aspects of the referral and  the statement of their terms and their implications