Criminalization of Attacks on Confidential Communications In Iraqi Penal Code

  • Suad Radhi HUSSEIN Faculty of Law, Thi Qar University


In this research, we have dealt with the criminalization of attacks on the latter as one of the most important rights of private life protected by    international conventions, charters and declarations, as well as by constitutions and domestic legislationWe have been exposed to the meaning of confidential correspondence and its various types, and we have clarified the concept of postal, telegraph and telephone correspondence, whether in the form of letters, a picture of phone calls, sound recordings, etc. All of this is classified as confidential correspondence, which in no way could be abused There was no legal justification.We then dealt with the last type of confidential correspondence, the electronic correspondence, which is the correspondence that takes place through the computer and the Internet is one of the most important means of communicating in the presen.