The legal resultant that arising from privatization of government enterprises on the rights of workers (( Comparative study ))

  • Aseel Omar Muslim Salman Al Khalid University of basrah, college of law and politics


This study focused on the definition of the concept of privatization of government enterprises and her legal mechanisms, and we have touched on the legal foundation for the privatization of government in Iraq , as well as the legal mechanisms which ends the ownership of the start of government enterprise and the mechanisms that doesn’t end the  ownership of state for government  enterprise, in addition to the effect of  privatization on the situation of staff  in  government enterprises  and change the legal status after it is  privatization so as to indicate workers rights and assurances in the government enterprise that liable to privatization, and prejudice punishment of  workers' rights in government enterprises   after it is privatization, it was reached to rang of results and recommendations legislation of special law for the privatization that detailing all criminal and regulatory matters and workers on legislation to organization rules to protect the rights and assurances of workers in government enterprises