The scope of the general caliphate

  • Haidr Ali Mezher


If the jurisprudence and legislative consensus was held on the right of public succession and that the public successor has the right to succeed his predecessor in his estate after his death, then it becomes a matter of controversy as to the scope and nature of this succession, and the reason for this dispute is that the financial liability of the person does not consist of rights and money However, besides these rights and funds, there are debts, that is, they are composed of positive and negative elements. The law has made the positive financial assets a guarantee for the person's debts in case of his life. The creditor has a general guarantee on all debts of the person. Debts, and cannot be wafa Destructive for this guarantee of the rights of creditors digestive Even the creditor 's right to the debtors of the city remains unaffected by death.