The role of the Integrity Commission in initiating criminal proceedings (A comparative analytical study in the Integrity Commission Law No. 30 of 2011)

  • Miraj Ahmed Ismail Al - Safwa University College
  • Maitham Ghanem Jabr Al - Safwa University College


     The Integrity Commission of the modern regulatory bodies in Iraq has been established and increased attention after the changes that took place in Iraq after 2003 and the consequent change in the political system and under CPA Order No. 55 of 2004. The Transitional Administrative Law of 2004 The Constitution, which is in effect in 2005, also makes it an independent body. It is subject to the supervision of the Chamber of Deputies and regulates its activities by law. Its actions are to initiate the criminal case (files of corruption) and its mechanism of determination and speed. To refer them in accordance with the law to the competent courts to deter those who think stealing or wasting public money and encourage the news of the crimes of corruption, and thus have an effective role and influence in the progress of the administration and increase its effectiveness. In order to highlight the Integrity Commission as an important regulatory body, Its composition and the role of the Commission in initiating criminal proceedings.