The role of building permit in organizing the urban fabric in Algeria

  • Sultani Abdul Azim University of Tebessa in Algeria


The development of urban legislation in Algeria in the recent years was because of its conformity with the evolution of all fields, and the largest provided by legislator for the protection of Urban frame is the building permit, an administrative decision issued by a competent authority in the organization of Real by which authorizes to perform a specific procedure for Construction to whom on the subject this document is done. 
The building permit is one of the most effective and efficient means to organize the construction and harmonious manner provided by the Legislator in most construction projects, except those are exempt from it, but to obtain this license, the legislature has put a set of conditions to the plaintiff must be met in order to examine the file to be transferred later to the competent administration to issue it, censorship and the decision to accept or reject, and in the case of abuse, the injured party may use Competent judicial authorities to lift the damage.